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Proof of concept

Exactly one year ago, on January 9th, 2023, we are excited to announce a significant milestone in the early phase of Bander – the successful submission of our minimal viable product to the NRC - IRAP program.

This achievement is the outcome of a thorough review, during which the potential facets of our concept were meticulously examined, validated, and solidified for further research and development. After careful consideration and evaluation, we received an official announcement from the National Research Council (NRC), confirming the approval of the application submitted by Saskpoly.'s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) through the IRAP-NRC channel. Equally thrilling is the news that we've secured a grant to fund our proof of concept project toward commercial viability.

Bander’s Founder, dedicated substantial effort in his makeshift lab to formulate a cohesive solution. The recent approval from the NRC IRAP program marks a crucial milestone in our mission against food waste. It goes beyond mere recognition; we express gratitude for the endorsement of our research and development initiatives. This official acknowledgment underscores the exceptional potential and significance inherent in the formula meticulously refined by Maurice.

The NRC IRAP program serves as a beacon of support for startup companies, and we extend our gratitude for the invaluable assistance they provide. This milestone not only signifies the approval of our proof of concept but also marks the beginning of a new phase in our research journey.

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